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FREEBLUE tour 2008 – Tribute to Loïc.

Loïc was an accomplished sportsman. He was not only an apnea champion but also a great practitioner of outdoor sports.
I think this was a sporting culture as enrichment for the preparation of deep apnea that his personal development.
The concept of FREEBLUE turn is based on a Loïc swimming course. Round the Cape of Nice starting from the military port of Nice beach, go in the rade of Villefranche (birthplace of our underwater history) and exit at the end of the range of seafaring, a distance of 5kms.
The event had to be an opportunity for meeting where the idea of ​​bringing in professional swimmers as casual. Mix disciplines, paddle boarding, kayaking, swimming with palm and nothing of course.
Swimming in the wake of Loïc is a way to honor him, the gathering and sharing around sporting and musical activities are others.
I forgot, Loïc did not stop to marinières, he swam to the beach Passable and of course once you get it off again in the other direction!


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