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In this section you will find documents related to a variety of apnea: history, physiology, training, security system ... Years of publications and written down on field experiences! These were written by Claude Chapuis and other contributors. This young discipline - sports became in September 1996 with the first World Championships in the rade of Villefranche-sur-mer - have a base of reliable and documented information resources.
The site in tribute to Loïc is ideal for this base are: himself sometimes apprentice journalist contributed sharing and experience feedback for present and future generations of freedivers whenever necessary.
Indeed one of the essential values he passed with Cipa, Aida and his team is SHARING.

If you want, you also add your contribution by article please share right here

You can find other Articles by following this link on the website of "Nuc Subaquatique".

Titre Auteur Edition Date Document
Contrepoids Claude Chapuis Apnéa Juillet/aout 2006
Le matériel Patrick FARCY, Jean-Marie KNECHT, André MAHE et Bertrand VERDELET comité Est Commission apnée FFESSM 2008
L'entraînement en apnée Claude Chapuis

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