©JM Cottalorda

-118m Record de France No Limit

Previous Record : Jacques Mayol : –105m

Depth : -118m

Discipline : No Limit

Date : December 6, 1998

Place : Middle of the Rade

Weather : Good weather

weighted sled : Oceane (bottom feet) modified by Loïc with 2 boards (which screaming Claude)

Security device : 6 divers to 35, 50 and 70 m and micro leakage, double inflation hose

Team : Mathilde, Yoram, Olivie, Joseph, Claude, Marco, Duduche, Laurent Trougnou, Franck Tessier, Christophe Nunzy, Joseph, Valérie Dubois dite Val 2, Pierrot, Val with stopwatch

Water temperature : 14°C! One of the deepest diving in the world by this temperature

Sponsor : Beal, Submarine

Anecdote :

Every time we put the cable to the water said Loïc seeing the mark of hundred meters "the first time I passed that limit ....". So every time then we went down the rope we stopped at 100m for Loïc tell us the chorus.

Loïc said that day: "Good! jellyfish, waves, wind, cold, the engines running to keep the boats because we have not anchored. In short, all the conditions were met for the descent goes well. Nevertheless I'm on the top! My motivation is so strong that it should have cut the rope to prevent me from going. And I like the atmosphere of "not finished". Besides, my friends and me nicknamed us "vagabond of the rade" how to do things well with "2 francs 50". When you know you consider us one of the best organized groups, what it must be in the other! Good! My impressions? Really, we had a good laugh, I pass on the banalities of the dive itself and besides I prefer to keep to myself these subtle emotions. It's necessary that I keep some little secrets before any other group double me in training! And you know what I told myself typing the disc at the bottom? More time you spend underwater least one passes to the surface ... "

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