©JM Cottalorda

-137m World record

Previous Record : Gianluca Genoni : – 135m

Depth : -137m

Discipline : No Limit

Date : June 5, 1999

Place : Rade of Villefranche-sur-Mer off the tip of Gaton

Weather : Quiet and sunny

weighted sled : Oceane. Aluminum, bottom feet with 2 plates to put the palms

Security device : Micro leak. 6 divers at 35/45/60 and 70 m with parachutes and blockers. A releasable tether. Parachute weighted sled lined with 2 pipes. Pocket on the back of the wetsuit

Team : Claude and Franck Tessier, Joseph

Safety freedivers: Yoram, Christophe Nunzy dit Albax, Damien Lamour, Julien, Pierrot, Benoît Frachet, Marco, Mathilde, Eric Hoarau, Laurent Trougnou

Security divers : 35m: Duduche Jacques Corcia, 45m : Jean François Volat, 60m : Serge Vermillac and Hervé Dufour, 70m : Gilles Piazza and Olivier Heuleu

Sponsor : Beuchat, Conseil général and Submarine

Anecdote : 144 m achieved in training, either 7m more than the record achieved

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