©D Luquet

-152m World record No Limit

Previous Record : Umberto Pelizari : – 150m

Depth : -152m

Discipline : No Limit

Date : June 22, 2000

Place : Rade of Villefranche-sur-Mer off the tip of Gaton

Weather : Calm sea

weighted sled : Sled aluminum foot down with deflector for fins

Security device : Claude, Caroline Guillaume and Delphine mid-depth (- 76 m). Blocked on parachute lanyard, micro leakage wetsuit with back pocket

Team : Claude and Franck Tessier, Joseph

Safety freedivers : Pierre, Eric Hoarau, Olive, Damien, Guillaume, François ? Cédric ? Joseph

Sponsor : Beuchat, Lucent Technologies

Anecdote : 2 down to warm up to 15 and 60m.
1'38 and 3'20 descent in total.
Lighthouse Jérôme Espla (underwater cameraman) implodes at the bottom because of the pressure.
Pipin would have realized 162m earlier this year but not approved for syncope surface

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