©R Margaillan

-154m World record No Limit

Previous Record : Loïc : – 152m

Depth : -154m

Discipline : No Limit

Date : August 18, 2001

Place : Rade of Villefranche-sur-Mer off the tip of Gaton

Weather : Calm sea

weighted sled : led aluminum foot down with deflector for fins

Security device : Mid-depth safety diver (-76m). Blocked on parachute lanyard, micro leakage wetsuit with back pocket

Team : Claude, Pierre, Eric, Olive, Delphine, Damien, Guillaume, François Cédric, Aurore, Jean-Mi Pradon, Joseph

Sponsor : Beuchat – Lucent - Gérimax

Anecdote : 2 down to warm up to 15 and 60 m.
3'15 total

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