Benoît Eycken

Associate Director of "Etoiles du sport"

"Loïc happened to the "Etoiles du sport" after his record in December 2004. Although he came from a confidential discipline it's melted in the event as a fish in water :)) since it has never left us. Why ??? We share with him the same sense of life....

First Loïc loved people and was going to meet them. Then he developed a lifestyle based on humanistic values and was following its own rules. Like any sport Loïc was a good living, he loved to laugh, play music and engage fully in any sport he practiced. And to the "Etoiles du sport" ... it is so given the first year with his "little godson" Guillaume Nery, they won!

Finally, the University of "Etoiles du sport" ... a game with its measurement field: Loïc loved above all share passions, feelings and emotions with young hopefuls.

He will forever light like a star does not turn off."