©I Derry

-162m Record du monde No Limit

Précédent Record : Loïc : –154m

Profondeur : -162m

Discipline : No Limit

Date : October 20, 2002

Lieu : Rade of Villefranche-sur-Mer off the tip of Gaton

Météo : Swell

Gueuse : Edited by Loïc for the upper part of the weighted sled that stands out once at the bottom. Inflator bottle to inside the parachute. This part is called the "capsule"

Dispositif de sécurité : 3 divers: Claude, Delphine François. Counterweight, lanyard micro leakage wetsuit with back pocket

Équipe : Olive, Cédric, Joseph, Guillaume

Sponsor : Beuchat – Rica Lewis - BWA

Anecdotes : The wetsuit blue and orange with octopus.
2 dives on 10 / 15m.
Apnea Duration: 3'36 ''.

The 162 dedicated to Audrey (Mestre companion Pippin) ....